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The African Education Foundation (“AEF”) is dedicated to the improvement of health and education in West Africa. AEF focuses primarily on the construction of schools, health clinics, libraries, and other learning centers, as well as developing and maintaining clean water supplies. Projects are often managed in conjunction with the Peace Corps, using both current and former volunteers, usually funding construction and other projects through the Peace Corps Donation program. AEF is also open to working with other NGOs, or directly with local communities.



Inspired after serving in the Peace Corps in Togo from 1977 to 1980, William Hague wanted to continue his support for the communities of West Africa by founding the African Education Foundation (AEF).

While abroad, William took note of the lack of small funds needed to complete basic health and education projects. After finishing graduate school, he and his wife Vicki, along with several colleagues, established AEF in 1986 with the goal of financially enabling future volunteers to make a bigger difference to the communities they visited during their stays.

AEF originally worked directly with local Peace Corps volunteers to find and fund projects. Over time, the Peace Corps itself developed a Peace Corps Partnership Program, which greatly simplified the methodology for finding projects and supporting them in developing countries. While this new Peace Corps program has simplified projects, AEF continues to locate and support the construction of health and education programs through West Africa, with much of its focus on Benin, Togo and Ghana.




The African Education Foundation is a small, project focused foundation that sends 100% of your donation on to specific projects. All administrative, travel and other costs are born by the founders outside of funds collect for AEF. Most of the projects are managed in conjunction with Peace Corps volunteers, who ensure that the local population has made heavy contribution to the projects’ success by paying for a portion of the builds and supplying many of the raw materials, like sand and gravel, themselves.





  • ​Household Latrines Project, Ghana

  • Camp Scientifille, Togo

  • Integrated Business Development Center in Agon, Benin


  • School restoration and kindergarten project in Ghana


  • Renovation of health care facility in Batoume, Togo

  • Construction of school library in Zogbegan, Togo

  • Several hand dug wells in Bassar, Togo

  • School renovation and repair, including new latrines in Aneho, Togo

  • Apiculture (bee raising project) development in Aklakou, Togo

  • Construction of three classroom primary school in Kpalime, Togo

  • Construction of public library and agricultural center in Nanoume, Togo


  • Construction of primary school in Matadi, Zaire


  • Construction of three classroom school in Seko, Togo

  • Construction of three classroom school in Souroukou, Togo

  • Construction of three classroom school in Bombaka, Mali

  • Construction of primary school in Lake Kivu, Zaire


  • Construction of three classroom school in Agbomali, Togo

  • Construction of three classroom school in Ketan, Togo


  • Construction of two classroom school and cistern in Adjahun, Togo

  • Construction of three classroom school in Kpalango, Togo

  • Construction of four classroom school in Elo, Togo